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Catching up with Ruth!

Ruth enjoys her life at Appleton Retirement Community where the friendly staff helps out with her personal care so she can enjoy what retirement should be–a fun, life-enriching experience!

Her days are pretty busy with a full schedule of activities: an exercise class or spiritual service in the mornings, followed by her favorite games with her Appleton Retirement Community friends: cribbage, bingo or sheepshead.  She also enjoys shopping and visiting the local sights on the community’s own bus.

In the afternoon, Ruth may visit the community’s onsite hair stylist for a touch up before leading a sing-along, accompanied by piano,  in the community’s recreation area.  And at dinner well, Ruth enjoyes the food, but LOVES the desserts.

Doris Vanden Heuvel

My Father died nineteen years ago at age 66, leaving our mother to live alone.  Over the last 5 years my brother, sisters, and I struggled to help her stay in her own home.  We had a schedule in which one of us would visit her on a daily basis to make sure she was safe, provide a meal, make sure she was taking her medications, and assist her with the multiple tasks taking care of a home involves.  When she was no longer able to drive, our worries increased.  She appeared angry and withdrawn, and her personal care and appearance declined.

My mother had become familiar with ARC when my aunt lived there.  I remember the first time we took her to visit—she marveled at what a nice place it was—“for other people”.  My aunt had so many positive comments about living there that we began to think it could be right for our mother.  Sara Fawcett worked with us over the course of many months to help my mom and us to see that her life could be so much more enjoyable than it currently was—and to help my siblings and I see that sharing the responsibility for her care didn’t mean we loved her less.  We finally convinced Mom to do a “trial stay” for a week…and she has never left.

My Mom says she has no intention of ever returning to her previous home.  She says she’s “very content”—she likes her apartment because she can be alone when she wants to be but she has meals prepared, medications brought to her, laundry done and many, many opportunities to participate in activities if she chooses.  And participate she does!  Shopping trips, going out to dinner, museums, area attractions, religious activities, bingo, movies, puzzles, library books, etc.   She has people her age, with common interests, to spend time with.   My siblings and I joke that we have trouble fitting in a visit between her social activities.

My Mom has also become much more interested in her personal appearance.  She has wanted to shop for new clothes, wears jewelry daily, and has taken advantage of the onsite beauty parlor for hair care.  She is pleasant to be with and smiles and laughs more than I have seen in years.  She comments frequently about how much she likes the ARC staff and smiles and talks to all the other residents. In short, she appears happy and thriving.  Instead of feeling guilty, worried, and upset when I leave her now, I smile and thank God for the blessing of ARC.

Who should consider living at ARC?  I think anyone alone in their own home with limited opportunities to socialize or who struggle to care for themselves and their home.  It’s a difficult process to make such a profound life change but the benefits can be remarkable.  My family and I are grateful to Sara, Colleen, Sue and all the staff at ARC who are helping us make our mother’s life happier and safer.   Thanks to them, we now can enjoy the time we spend with our mom!

Ellen Beltz
Daughter of Doris Vanden Heuvel—resident of ARC since October 3, 2011

Mae Haney

As is typical of so many families facing health issues for their aging parents, our family found it very difficult to decide on a care facility for our mother when her care level reached the point where she could no longer remain in her own home. We researched the assisted living residences available in the Fox Valley and after much time and effort, we found the Appleton Retirement Community. We were impressed with our first visit. Sara, the present Community Relations Director, was the first staff member we met. She gave us a tour of the building and introduced us to staff.

We were very concerned when mom moved in as she had some communication issues and we worried how she would be accepted by other residents and staff. We were immediately very pleased to see the mom was included in all activities by the activity directors, Sue and Colleen. They always came to get her for activities and it was not long before all of the residents knew who she was and she became part of the “family” at Appleton Retirement Community.

Mom had one of the studio apartments on the first floor and we made that as much like home as possible. The staff was very helpful when she moved in making sure that all of the furnishings were arranged with her safety in mind. Since she was in a wheelchair there were concerns about mobility within the apartment, but that was never a concern once she was settled.

The nursing staff and CNA’s were very good. They dealt with all the various health concerns in the three years that mom was at Appleton Retirement Community. She did have several hospitalizations during her stay there due to her declining health, but she was always well cared for when she returned from her hospital stays and all of the staff were well aware of her needs.

Religion always played an important part in mom’s life. Thus, we were very happy to find that Mass was offered each week and there was always a communion service every Sunday.

Although mom had some eating issues, we were very pleased with the quality of meals served in the dining room. If there ever was a time when mom could not come to the dining room, meals were available to her in her apartment.

Our family was always pleased with the appearance of the common areas at Appleton Retirement Community. Since mom resided there numerous upgrades have been made to the building and grounds. We were especially impressed with the addition this past year of the canopy over the main entrance. That is a wonderful improvement for residents during inclement weather.

Another wonderful feature was the beautician services available at Appleton Retirement Community. Kelly, the beautician,  was always wonderful to mom and kept her looking her best each week.

Any family facing care issues for their loved one should seriously consider the Appleton Retirement Community. Making the decision to find a care facility is not easy. Be assured Appleton Retirement Community will do everything they can to care for your family member and keep them as involved as possible.

Dan Haney
Son of Mae Haney

Ashley Lamia, Administrative Assistant Moves to Minnesota

As part of the Appleton Retirement Community family for 5.5 years I witnessed and participated in many positive changes to improve and passionately enrich the lives of seniors.  Appleton Retirement Community strives for a positive and rewarding workplace environment, therefore generating happy staff who enjoy providing quality care to seniors and support to family members. I am honored to have been employed by MSL and to have earned two promotions in my time there. MSL is an excellent company providing staff with satisfying benefits, generous vacation time, and room to grow. I recommend ARC to anyone who strives to enrich the lives of seniors.”

Ashley Lamia
Former Administrative Assistant

From the daughter of a former employee who passed away

To the Appleton Retirement Community Staff and Residents,

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful staff of ARC for providing such a loving and welcoming workplace for my mother. She was never happier than when she was working at ARC. She loved all the staff and enjoyed spending time with the residents. She took a special delight in knowing she earned more money than the mayor in her hometown in the Philippines.

She was very optimistic to get cured and determined to return to work last year but that was not in God’s plan. We were able to have a very nice funeral for my mother back in the Philippines. It gave my family and I the closure we needed.

Thank you again for hiring my mother and for making her a very happy person. To all of you, with warmth and appreciation for being a wonderful part of my mother’s life.

Please continue to keep up your outstanding work here at ARC.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a healthy year 2014.